The process

The head and shoulders, hands and feet are modelled in porcelain clay and burned at a temperature of 1160°C. Then the parts are painted with acrylic paint and lacquered. Every doll starts out as an idea and a sketch in my notebook, before I begin the modelling. An Idea can be a state of mind or a reflection. Every doll is modelled individually, not molded, and hence unique.

The body is made of canvas and filled with polyester. Many dolls also have steel wires in their arms and legs.

Clothes, hair and hats are created out of different kinds of fabric, fur, feathers, pearls, laces and buttons, which I find at fleamarkets or well assorted fabric shops.

Every doll is fastened onto a base of e.g. old wood. When I use old and worm-eaten wood, the wood is processed before use to get rid of eventual furniture beetles.

The dolls must be treated as one treats a painting; they are not to be placed in direct sunlight, as it might cause the colours of the fabric to fade over time. They can be dusted off with a feather duster or undergo other kinds of equally gentle cleaning.